M.I.A Accused Of ‘Glamorising Terrorism’ By Producer Diplo

M,I,A’s producer Diplo claims the singer knows ‘nothing’ about the political subjects that she uses in her songs.

May 13, 2011 by Holly Frith | Photo by WENN.com
The producer, who has worked on all of M.I.A‘s previous three albums and also dated her, said that he advised her repeatedly not to rap about politics and blaimed her political stand on her last album failure.

“Maya left herself open for attacks. She’s not an easy artist to criticise because she’s very left-leaning, she’s progressive, she’s a woman. She’s good in a lot of aspects, but when it comes to die-hard, facts-on-the-ground politics she’s at zero. She’s nothing,” Diplo told WWD.com Continue reading