More Afghan detainee data must be released – judge

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MPs requested information about the transfer of individuals detained by UK forces in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Defence must issue more data on people held or captured by UK forces in Afghanistan, according to an administrative appeals tribunal ruling.

Mr Justice Blake said dates of detention, and dates and locations of transfers to Guantanamo Bay or anywhere else must be given. Continue reading

New terror suspect rules are ‘control orders lite’

Terror Law Review:

New terror suspect rules are ‘control orders lite’


Wednesday, 26 January 2011




Plans to relax restrictions imposed on suspected terrorists and rebrand controversial powers used to keep tabs on them are little more than “control orders lite”, critics said today.

Liberty, the civil liberties campaign group, accused the Government of bottling the decision on the future of counter-terrorism powers, saying that, “spin and semantics aside, control orders are retained and rebranded, if in a slightly lower-fat form”.


The new powers announced by Home Secretary Theresa May will no longer need to be reviewed every year, a clear signal that the restrictions against suspected terrorists against whom prosecutions cannot be brought are here to stay.


The term “control order” has been scrapped and will be replaced with “Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures”, or Tpims, Mrs May said. Continue reading