Wikileaks (Stratfor): Mabhouh hit was subcontracted by the Mossad

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

clip_image001I’m sure that many of you remember Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the Hamas murderer who was liquidated in his Dubai hotel room in January 2010, allegedly by the Mossad.
One of the Stratfor email chains that was released by Wikileaks on Monday claims that the Mossad did not liquidate Mabhouh itself. According to the email – which unfortunately has no further follow-up that I have seen – Mabhouh’s demise was brought about by a subcontractor acting on the Mossad’s behalf. (Unlike previous emails I have posted, this one is in reverse chronological order).

Email-ID 1593553
Date 2010-06-14 16:41:36
I have VERY good information this was a contract job. The mission was contracted by the MOSSAD. In essence, subbed out under contract. The last few hits have been subbed out. I also have VERY good information that the Iranian physicist hit was also a subbed out job. More in person at the T meeting Tuesday, can’t put anything in writing.
Sean Noonan wrote:
> Ah, that makes more sense. That daily mail story was pretty sensationalized.

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Terrorist list’s release sparks official outrage

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accuses the Government of 'ratting out' 23 Australians to the US. Photo / AP


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accuses the Government of ‘ratting out’ 23 Australians to the US. Photo / AP

Australia has reacted furiously to the publication of names of Australians on the United States terror watch-list, revealed in cables released by global whistleblower WikiLeaks.

The 23 people identified in cables signed by US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich were alleged to have links with Yemeni-based Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who has advocated violence against the West and who has been implicated in planned terror attacks against America.

The list includes a grandmother once described as the matriarch of Australian Islamist militancy, a woman arrested in Yemen after her passport was cancelled, and the wife of a French terror suspect alleged to have had links with Australian terror cells. Continue reading