Top UK hackers compete for GCHQ-sponsored cybersecurity prize

The hacking challenge hopes to attract articulate and talented contestants to fill a UK-wide skills gap in tech security


Alex Hern, Thursday 30 January 2014 11.04 GMT

Two contestants brief PWC’s Andrew Miller on Koffee Café’s problems, while Alex Hern observes in the background. Photograph: Rupert Hartley

Koffee Cafe has a problem: its website, while just about useable for the small coffee chain, is held together with string, chewing gum and hope.

For the past few years, it’s survived because no one important has bothered to pay attention to it, but that’s due to change. A multinational coffee chain has expressed interest in an acquisition, and now the auditors are being brought in to make sure there aren’t any hidden dangers. If they look hard enough, they’ll find some blinders.

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Nuclear Power Expansion Challenges

Author: Toni Johnson, Senior Staff Writer

Updated: March 18, 2011


A major crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March 2011 after a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami has raised new questions about the safety of nuclear power. The scrutiny comes at a time when interest in nuclear power has renewed; global construction of nuclear reactors is rising after a decades-long decline. A number of factors account for this shift, including soaring energy demand in the developing world and the threat of climate change. Most of the new interest in nuclear is occurring outside the United States. Some U.S. policymakers argue nuclear power is a vital part of the country’s energy future. But despite legislative efforts and a softening of attitudes toward nuclear power, the U.S. industry has been slow to revive. Continue reading