Iran Daily Brief February 14, 2012 – Full Report


International Affairs

Iranian ambassador to Moscow: Iran will take action against US interests around the world and has a list of retaliatory attacks – Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi, Iran’s ambassador to Moscow stated, “If the United States attacks Iran, it would be a serious, suicidal mistake. If United States were to attack Iran, Iran would use its power to attack US interests around the world. Iran has already prepared a list of retaliatory attacks, which would definitely cause despair and a feeling of helplessness in the US.

Ahmadinejad: “Resistance is the only way to liberate occupied Palestinian territories” – Ahmadinejad met with visiting (Gaza-based Hamas) Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and said the that the Zionist regime [Israel] and its supporters have acute weak points and that resistance is the only way to liberate occupied Palestinian territories and Holy Qods al-Sharif [Jerusalem]. He said that the Zionist regime [Israel] is a means in the hands of the arrogant power to suppress the Muslims worldwide and that Palestine represents the resistance of all Muslims to the occupying Zionist regime. Ahmadinejad said that humanity is currently going through a critical period and that resistance must withstand the hegemonic powers in order to make justice prevail in the world. More VP: “The Palestinian nation and resistance should know that the Iranian nation always support them and as long as there is resistance, the Islamic Republic of Iran will be beside the resistance and the Palestinian nation.”

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IranDaily Brief February 13, 2012 – Full Report

Map of Iranian Dynasties c. 1000

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International Affair

Ahmadinejad: “God willing, the world will witness the inauguration of great achievements in the nuclear sphere in a few days”

Key Points:

  • Nuclear power: great nuclear achievements to be revealed in a few days – Ahmadinejad spoke at length about Iran’s achievements during the revolutionary years and said, “You have witnessed, and the whole world has witnessed, that the domineering powers put enormous pressure [on Iran] to prevent the Iranian nation from becoming nuclear. Today, we can witness that the Iranian nation has become a nuclear power and is answering most of its needs on its own… all the needs of the Iranian people will be provided for by Iranian scientists in the near future and, God willing, the world will witness the inauguration of great achievements in the nuclear sphere in a few days.”
  • Presents optimistic statistics for Iranian economyOver the past two years, more than USD 15 billion have been saved in gasoline consumption alone, and the money has been given to the people. Two or three years ago, and until last year, we imported petrol. Today, I am proud to announce that we are among the main exporters of petrol and gasoline in the world. A miracle has happened in non-oil exports, which are the indicator of economic activities, we have also succeeded in controlling imports, and the Iranian stock market is the most efficient market in the world, showing our economic revival.
  • Meddling of arrogant countries will not lead nations to freedom – The regional (Arab) governments should be aware that enemy (Western countries)  is seeking to save the Zionist regime and are therefore seeking to sow discord among governments, nations and followers of various religions. These governments, standing today alongside America and some European countries to save the Zionist regime and suppressing the resistance of freedom seeking people, should know that their turn will come tomorrow. When there is a line of resistance (against US and Israel) the US pays attention to them, but if the line of resistance is broken, they will be thrown away. They are not true friends. They will sacrifice you. Return to the Prophet Mohammed’s pure religion… first and foremost we should believe in God. Afterwards, we must stand firm against the domination of the US and the West in the region, the aggressive and artificial Zionist regime and the occupation of Palestine. All of our problems stem from US domination and the existence of the Zionist regime. All dictatorships in the region and the world are supported by the US and the Zionist regime. Continue reading