Pakistan–Counter terrorism strategy

Kilcullen's 3 pillars of insurgency/counterins...

Kilcullen’s 3 pillars of insurgency/counterinsurgency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Syed Adnan Athar Bukhari

It is apropos of the news entitled “New Khyper Pakhtunkhwa strategy to eradicate militancy”, published in a national English daily, on Monday, May 21, 2012. The piece of news articulates that there is a need to move forward from 3-D (Development, Deterrence and Dialogue) carrot and stick policy towards mobilization of all institutes for countering insurgency. The KPK government has emphasized that the only use of force is not a viable solution. Input from all institutions of government machinery is required. Meaning thereby, chalking out a grand strategy for COIN (Counter Insurgency) is needed. Sun Tzu in his profound book, ‘The Art of War’ said, “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.” Relating it to our case study of insurgency in FATA, it is pertinent to know our enemies, analyse them with precision and make a strategy to win over them.

David Galula’s book “Counterinsurgency warfare: Theory and Practice” provided four conditions for a successful counter insurgency plan. One, getting popular support; second, using active minority to attain maximum support of the masses; protection of population comes at third; fourth, dismantling insurgents armed strength along with building long-term relationship with masses. This long-term relation can be maintained through building infrastructure and establishing grass root level friendly ties between armed forces and public. Continue reading