Security expert sees possible Iran threat


DOHA: Subjected to military action, Iran could attack the oil installations of Arab Gulf states, says a well-known GCC security expert.

After “failing to provide conditions” that would have made the Istanbul meet a success, Tehran is most likely going ahead with uranium-enrichment plans, says Dr Sami Alfaraj, head of Kuwait-based Center for Strategic Studies.

Alfaraj, who was here on a brief visit, told The Peninsula in an interview that considering the above developments the threat of Iran sponsoring ‘proactive cells’ in the region to hit its energy facilities was real.

He argued that since Iran attacked one of Kuwait’s offshore oil facilities during its war with Iraq (1986-89), its motives vis-à-vis GCC oil facilities were suspect because the leadership that was in the saddle in Tehran at the time is still in control.

The Gulf region is not where locals alone live. Millions of expatriates drawing from as many as 202 nationalities are based here. “All are, therefore, equal stakeholders in peace and stability of the region,” he said.

So expatriates’ view that is the ‘GCC versus Iran’ and not ‘us versus Iran’ needs to be corrected, he suggested. “If a bomb is dropped anywhere in the region, it wouldn’t differentiate between locals and foreigners.” Continue reading