Kazakhstan & Germany strengthen cooperation in Space sector

21 January 2014, 19:40


ASTANA. January 21. KAZINFORM – Today at the National Space Agency (NSA) the Head of Kazkosmos Talgat Musabayev has met with Joachim Klein, the Head of IABG mbH German company representative office in Kazakhstan.

IABG mbH company is one of the leading companies in Germany in the space industry and it has one of the largest testing centers for spacecraft, aircraft and vehicles. The company was established in 1961 by the Federal Republic of Germany as a central organization for testing in aerospace industry as well as analysing defense and security systems.

Beginning from 2009 to the present time IABG mbH company provides external expertise and advice for “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary NC” JSC in the framework of the projects named “Creating Earth’s remote sensing system of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Creating of spacecraft assembly and testing site in the city of Astana“.

During the meeting IABG mbH representatives told about the main activities of the company as well as the long-term plans for the development of business in the Republic of Kazakhstan including in the field of space activities.

Following the meeting the parties agreed to pursue further cooperation in the enhancement of business systems using the space systems of Kazakhstan.

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