Iran News Round Up July 26, 2012

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by Ali Alfoneh, Ahmad Majidyar and Michael Rubin
(E) = Article in English


  • Iranian lawmakers on Syria events
    • Mohammad-Reza Tabesh: “We must support the government of Syria, which is at the frontline of the struggle against Israel… But we should support it as long as the government of Syria does not treat the people of Syria badly and the rights of the people are not violated.”
    • Ali-Reza Mahjoub: “Survival of the Syrian government is in the interest of our region.”
    • Jafar Qaderi: “The government of Syria… must continue the path of reform, enforce the popular will, and respect the popular vote.”
    • Fatemeh Alia: “We must support the trend of reform in Syria.”
    • Mousa-al-Reza Servati: “We oppose the West because of belief that any reform must take place based on the choice of the people and implemented by the people of Syria. People can achieve whatever their wishes through elections”
    • Amir-Hossein Qazizadeh: “What we see in Syria… is a domestic Syrian issue and intervention in internal affairs of states is incorrect and illegal…” 
  • [E] The Indian media reported that the country’s government has decided to attend the 16th heads-of-state summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran at the highest level, and that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will represent New Delhi in the high profile meeting.
  • [E] Iran and Russia lambasted the western and Arab states for their interferences in the internal affairs of Syria, and called on them to stop unconstructive acts in the Muslim country.

Military and Security

Nuclear Issue

  • Ahmadinejad says Iran will expand its “enrichment activities.”
  • [E] Iran’s Deputy Chief Negotiator Ali Baqeri announced that his Tuesday talks with EU foreign policy deputy chief Helga Schmid paved the way for holding a meeting between Iranian top negotiator Saeed Jalili and representative of the world powers Catherine Ashton. 


  • Abdulreza Mesri, parliamentary board spokesman, says Iran’s foreign exchange reserve is “doing very well.”
  • Aftab News says the system of multiple exchange rates fuels “corruption.”


  • Following increasing sanctions against Iranian shipping companies, Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. and the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines end their joint venture.
  • E’temad slams Iranian authorities who are willing to give agricultural land in Iranian territory to Qatar. 

Photos of the Day


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