Colorado Shooter Had More in Common with Paramilitary Cops than Batman

Kurt Nimmo July 23, 2012

clip_image002According to the official narrative now disseminated by the establishment media, James Holmes was acting out some warped fantasy about Batman when he entered a theater in Colorado and killed a dozen people.

It is said the cops found Batman paraphernalia in his apartment, which was supposedly booby-trapped with sophisticated explosives.

The corporate media has described in detail the gear he allegedly wore during the mass shooting without drawing the obvious conclusion.

Instead of a Batman fetish, Holmes was fascinated with the sort of paramilitary gear now routinely donned by cops.

Is it possible Holmes was emulating the look and feel of militarized cops and the Batman story is just a flimsy cover to paper over the obvious?

We are inundated with propaganda nearly every day how the ready availability of guns is responsible for wanton acts of senseless violence. In fact, homicide rates are at a historical low and mass killings are a statistical anomaly.

We are also barraged with stories about brutal cops killing and maiming people for minor infractions or no infractions at all. And yet the establishment media does not call for an end to police violence and rarely acknowledges that it is a serious problem.

In fact, it often makes excuses for police violence against citizens.

James Holmes’ psychosis was fueled by an obsession with black-clad paramilitary police who resemble Robocop, not the fantasy character Batman.

His violent act has more to do with steroid-fueled cops attacking unarmed civilian victims than it does with a Hollywood rendition of a comic book hero.

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