Breaking: Al-Qaeda affiliate posts video showing preparations for Damascus twin suicide bombings

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bashar al-Assad may be a murderer, but at least some of his opponents are no better. An al-Qaeda-affiliated terror organization has posted a video that shows preparations for twin suicide bombings that took place in Damascus on January 6.

Let’s go to the videotape.

So Bashar al-Assad is telling the truth – at least in part. At least some of his opponents are connected to al-Qaeda and to its parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. And therefore it’s probably just as well that for the most part, the West has kept out of the fighting in Syria. On the other hand, I have little doubt that things in Syria are headed for a civil war. Bashar and his Alawite sect, who constitute the Syrian army’s officers corps, know full well that if they lose to the Sunni majority, they will all be killed. So this is quite literally a battle to the death, with a lot of innocent civilians caught in the middle. Like in Egypt, the democrats and liberals are unfortunately the least likely people to end up in power.

Once you understand that, you can try to remain level headed about what’s going on in Syria and not agitate for the West to take one side or the other. Each side is as nasty as the other one is.

By the way, here’s some background on one of the bombers. She was a woman.

El Menara El baydaa Media Production side of the organization is prepared and the beginning of images loaded from sharing sites on the Internet Beraa in Homs Abu El-ShamiA woman suicide bomber named Bashar Assad made by five men to do an action in order to avenge the rape, he says.

El-challenged in the subsequent images displayed. Operations forces carried by minibus safety depends on the images and dolmuş Assad claimed and activist, is precisely during their passage over the bombs burst.

A fight to the death….

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