IranDaily Brief February 13, 2012 – Full Report

Map of Iranian Dynasties c. 1000

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International Affair

Ahmadinejad: “God willing, the world will witness the inauguration of great achievements in the nuclear sphere in a few days”

Key Points:

  • Nuclear power: great nuclear achievements to be revealed in a few days – Ahmadinejad spoke at length about Iran’s achievements during the revolutionary years and said, “You have witnessed, and the whole world has witnessed, that the domineering powers put enormous pressure [on Iran] to prevent the Iranian nation from becoming nuclear. Today, we can witness that the Iranian nation has become a nuclear power and is answering most of its needs on its own… all the needs of the Iranian people will be provided for by Iranian scientists in the near future and, God willing, the world will witness the inauguration of great achievements in the nuclear sphere in a few days.”
  • Presents optimistic statistics for Iranian economyOver the past two years, more than USD 15 billion have been saved in gasoline consumption alone, and the money has been given to the people. Two or three years ago, and until last year, we imported petrol. Today, I am proud to announce that we are among the main exporters of petrol and gasoline in the world. A miracle has happened in non-oil exports, which are the indicator of economic activities, we have also succeeded in controlling imports, and the Iranian stock market is the most efficient market in the world, showing our economic revival.
  • Meddling of arrogant countries will not lead nations to freedom – The regional (Arab) governments should be aware that enemy (Western countries)  is seeking to save the Zionist regime and are therefore seeking to sow discord among governments, nations and followers of various religions. These governments, standing today alongside America and some European countries to save the Zionist regime and suppressing the resistance of freedom seeking people, should know that their turn will come tomorrow. When there is a line of resistance (against US and Israel) the US pays attention to them, but if the line of resistance is broken, they will be thrown away. They are not true friends. They will sacrifice you. Return to the Prophet Mohammed’s pure religion… first and foremost we should believe in God. Afterwards, we must stand firm against the domination of the US and the West in the region, the aggressive and artificial Zionist regime and the occupation of Palestine. All of our problems stem from US domination and the existence of the Zionist regime. All dictatorships in the region and the world are supported by the US and the Zionist regime.
  • “Correct your behavior” – Today, everyone is mobilized against Iran and the Iranian nation, speaking in threatening and humiliating tones. My advice to you is to correct your behavior and at least read history and geography and learn about Iran and its capabilities, its culture and its power, and then you will realize that you are confronting a great historic nation. I advise you not to interfere in the region, and do not support Zionists. They are like a junk car; they are not useful any more. Their expenses outweigh their benefits. Why do you link yourself with an artificial, occupying and violent regime that is not accepted even by its own people? Let Palestine be free. Let Quds (Jerusalem) be free too.
  • The sound of the breaking bones of inhumane capitalism can be heard throughout the world – Human history is full of oppression, injustice and humiliation. Marxism and capitalism top the oppressors in history. They theorized actions to plunder, occupy, and rob nations, integrating their theories into different schools and doctrines and imposing them on other nations. By divine grace, their era has come to an end. Marxism has failed, and the sound of the breaking bones of inhumane capitalism can be heard throughout the world.
  • Mahdavi society – the new discipline that is required – The world needs a new discipline. Who will establish the new discipline and rule? Do you think the head of the US government, some European governments, or the Zionists backstage are able to establish justice in the world? The answer is clear! I would like to say, in a loud voice and in the name of the whole nation of Iran and all free nations of the world, that the alternative to unfair discipline and the current inhumane rule of the world is nothing but the perfect Mahdavi society. The righteous global rule will come with the Imam of the Age (12th Shiite Imam Mahdi) who will come with Jesus Christ.

Hamas PM visit to Iran:

Khamenei meets with Hamas PM: Iran and other Muslim nations support Palestinian resistance In a meeting with Ismail Haniyeh, the Prime Minister of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, Khamenei said, “Iran takes a stable and loyal position on the issue of Palestine and will always support the Palestinian people and their resistance… The victories of recent years in Palestine and even some of the reasons for the Islamic awakening result from the steadfastness  of the Palestinian people and resistance groups, and future victories and the realization of the divine promise depend on this resilience and resistance… We have no doubts about your resistance and the fortitude of many of our resistant brothers, and the people also expect nothing but determination from the Palestinian resistance.”

Majlis Speaker: regional developments have isolated Israel; West trying to intervene in Syrian to weaken resistance – In a meeting with Haniyeh, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani  said that the “Zionist regime has been heavily isolated in the region due to recent regional developments and it is afraid of the landscape of current developments.” Larijani stressed Iran’s firm support for Palestine by saying, “The Iranian nation has and will stand by the oppressed nation of Palestine.” He added that the enemies of the Muslim world are not seeking democracy in Syria and in the region, but are trying to break the isolation of the Zionist regime and damage resistance to it. Larijani stressed that Syrians are capable of making their own decisions and have no need of foreign interference.

FM: adherence to basic principles of resistance is key factor for victory over Israel – Salehi referred to regional developments caused by the Islamic Awakening and also the weakness of the Zionist regime and the US, calling the current situation of the Islamic Awakening “outstanding.”

Deputy FM: Syrian leadership and people will be able to overcome current events – Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has said that Iran is confident that the Syrian leadership and its people will be able to overcome the current events. He made the remarks during a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem.

Iran lambasts US for freezing Iran’s cultural assets – The Head of the Majlis Cultural Committee, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, described the US government and its decision makers as “ignorant rulers who want to fight with a nation which stood to seek independence by freezing its cultural assets and putting its antiquities and cultural heritage at the Iran Cultural House in Washington up for sale.” He said that such practices amount to the acts of an uncultured people, adding that freezing Iranian cultural assets will not damage the Iranian revolutionary nation. Haddad Adel said that all intellectual people and thinkers are disgusted at such an action, adding that Iran will do its utmost to prevent the US from carrying out such an anti-cultural action.

Military Affairs

Hard-line semi-official Fars News Agency speculates Iran will soon start producing 20 percent fuel rods for TRR and will unveil Fordo nuclear facility – The hardline semi-official Fars News Agency, citing Ahmadinejad, said that some experts believe the inauguration of the Fordo installations and the production of 20 percent nuclear rods for the Tehran Nuclear Reactor (TRR) are probably some of the “good nuclear news” Ahmadinejad has been promising.  Fars opined that the production of fuel for the TRR means that Iran will be in a stronger position in talks with G5+1, adding that the opening of the nuclear enrichment facility, Fordo, where two sets of 174 centrifuges have been installed, is of “strategic importance.” Fars estimated that the “nuclear good news” would probably be announced ahead of the March 2 Majlis elections and future negotiations with G5+1.

Deputy nuclear negotiator meets with Chinese Deputy FM – The deputy nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri has met with the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister. The Chinese official arrived in Tehran on Sunday for a two day visit in a bid to boost multilateral talks on Iranian nuclear issues. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the Chinese official would be in Tehran on Sunday and Monday for talks with Iran on nuclear issues. Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that the Chinese Foreign Minister plans to visit Tehran in a month or two in line with the ongoing consultations, and that Ahmadinejad has also been invited to visit China in the near future.

Defense Minister: Foreign military forces in entire region, especially Persian Gulf, being fully monitored by Iran’s intelligence – Ahmad Vahidi has said that Iran will take the necessary decisions regarding the straits of Hormuz based on its fundamental interests when the time is right, and that Iran “has never retreated from its fundamental positions that have been effectively established based on rational thinking.”

Fatah Corps commander: Iran’s missile capability will render enemy ‘sleepless’ – Yunes Amiri, the commander of the Fatah Corps in the Iranian southwestern province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, has said that “Iran’s missile capability has bewildered its enemies and will render them sleepless.” He said that the celebration of the anniversary of the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution “reiterated the removal of the evil Zionist regime and the hoisting of the flag of Islam.”

Navy Commander:  two new Ghadir class Submarines join IRIN fleet – Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that two new Ghadir class submarines have been added to the submarine fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy (IRIN). Rear Admiral Sayyari noted that Ghadir class submarines have been designed and manufactured entirely by Iranian experts. He pointed out that the submarines joined the Iranian Navy’s fleet during the 10 Days of Dawn marking the 33rd victory of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. “Two other submarines of the same type joined the navy fleet at the same time as the Velayat-90 navy drills in the east of the Strait of Hormuz, the Sea of Oman, the Gulf of Eden, and in the north of the Indian Ocean.” All parts of the submarine, including its fuselage, radar equipment and advanced defense equipment, have been designed and manufactured by Iranian Defense Ministry experts. The high maneuverability of the Ghadir class submarine makes it suitable for Iranian climate conditions.

IRGC displays RQ-170 drone model at February 11 rallies – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps  displayed a model of the US RQ-170 spy plane, the downed drone from  the violation of Iranian Airspace in December 2011, during the February 11 rallies marking the 33rd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The sign under the drone reads “Israel must be wiped off the scene” and “American can do us no wrong.” Iranian state-run television announced that it will soon air a documentary called “The Beast of Kandaharon” about the downed RQ-170 drone. More posters reading “Death to Israel” were displayed during the rallies: 1 2 3

Foreign Military attachés confer with IRIAF commander – Foreign military attachés have conferred with the commander of the Islamic Republic of the Iranian Air Force, Brigadier General Hassan Shah Safi. The foreign military attachés congratulated Brigadier General Shah Safi and other senior air force commanders on Iranian Air Force Day. A 15 minute video clip showing the latest developments and achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Air Force was shown to the foreign military attachés. Military attachés from Pakistan, India, Syria, Japan, Turkey, Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan were also present at the ceremony.

Iran receives first image sent by Navid satellite – On February 8, Iran received the first image sent by its domestically manufactured Navid (Promise) research satellite. The Navid Satellite(video) was sent into space aboard the Safir rocket on February 3. Iran has already sent three satellites into space, namely the Omid (Hope), the Rasad (Observation), and the Navid (Promise).


Ahmadinejad urges Iranian aerospace scientists to focus efforts on sending manned spacecraft into space within the next decade – The Iranian President addressed the opening ceremony of an exhibition of the latest achievements of Iranian aerospace scientists and experts. The exhibition was held to commemorate two occasions: the 33rd anniversary of the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, as well as national space technology day. Ahmadinejad said, “Try to reach the two objectives of sending humans into space and launching satellites higher into orbit by 2022.” Experts from different universities and research centers in Iran presented the latest technologies used in Iran’s aerospace industry, including the Zafar, Zohreh, Navid, Rasad, Fajr and Ayaat, domestically-manufactured communication satellites, as well as research satellites and graphic simulators on display at the exhibition.

Explosion in microbe laboratory – An explosion occurred in a microbe pharmaceutics laboratory in the Iranian city of Mashhad. Head of the pharmacy school Mohsen Imam Shahidi confirmed the incident, adding that the explosion was minor and nobody was hurt. The laboratory was sealed off due to the explosion.

Economic Affairs

Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs: Sanctions will in no way affect next year’s budget – Mohammad Reza Mirtajeddini has said that “The enemies’ sanctions against Iran will not affect next year’s budget in any manner… Next year’s budget has been prepared in such a way as to be capable of responding to Iran’s needs in any situation… It does not matter how severe the sanctions are, Iran is fully prepared to confront them.” He added that that next year’s budget has been drawn up taking Iran’s existing economic conditions and other circumstances into consideration.

India sees business opportunity in Iran – India’s Secretary of Trade has said, “We will be mounting a mission to Iran at the end of the month to promote our domestic exports. A huge delegation will be going.” The Indian source was quoted as saying that “If Europe and the US want to stop exporting to Iran, why should India follow suit? Why should we not tap into that opportunity?”

Human Rights

Ministry of Intelligence threatens daughters of Green Movement leader – Following the release of a public letter by the daughters of Mir Hossein Mousavi, his wife, Dr.  Zahra Rahnavard, and the children of Mehdi Karroubi, in which they asked Iranians to echo their call to free their parents from house arrest. The Ministry of Intelligence has threatened the Green Movement leader’s daughters and  said that they will be arrested and “taken to an unknown location where nobody will know what is happening to them.” One of the three daughters, who is a lecturer at the Al-Zahra University in Tehran, has already been prevented from teaching her arts course, and her name has been eliminated from the school’s internet system. This is not the first time that the children of the two leaders have been threatened and harassed. At least two of Karroubi’s sons have been physically attacked and detained.

Green Path of Hope condemns reported arrests in Iran’s western Khuzestan Province – Following the arrests of over 65 people in Khuzestan, the Green Path of Hope’s Coordinating Council has condemned the unlawful suppression, arrest and violence against the province’s residents who have been pursuing their demands in a peaceful manner. The report added that the Coordination Council has “once again reiterated the necessity of releasing all political prisoners irrespective of their ethnicity and religious beliefs, and of ensuring their rights.” According to the report, the people in Khuzestan were involved in writing slogans in support of a boycott of the upcoming Majlis elections in Iran. Some 30 people have been arrested in the province’s Shush township, and two people “have been killed by torture.”

Supreme Leader pardons, commutes 761 inmates’ prison terms – Khamenei has pardoned and commuted the prison terms of 761 inmates on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. The amnesty was requested by the Head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, and was approved by the Supreme Leader. The inmates had been convicted by the public, the Islamic revolution and military courts.

Domestic Affairs

Political parties prepare for “most sensitive Majlis elections since Islamic Revolution” – The major political parties have started their electoral campaign preparations, propping up their top candidates for the March 2 Majlis elections. Many Iranian politicians have described the forthcoming poll as the most sensitive elections since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 (video). Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel said, “Don’t vote for those who depend on the rich and the powerful. Don’t allow wealth and power to form your parliament. This kind of parliament belongs to the past, when it was under the control of foreign powers, a pro-Western regime, and the rich.” The three competing parties are the United Principlists Front, the Islamic Coalition Party, and the Islamic Resistance Front. The Reformist Coalition includes the Islamic Iran Participation Front, and the National Trust Party. Iranian Majlis Vice Speaker, Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi-Fard said, “Because of the political experiences of the past three decades, our people understand the present conditions and their responsibilities. They have always made the right choices at sensitive times. The Iranian nation knows that this political establishment depends on their will, that a strong establishment means a strong Iran. Iran is a role model, and its parliament is one of the most democratic establishments in the world.” Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, Spokesman for the Guardian Council (Iran’s election watchdog) announced that the body has approved the eligibility of more than 3,000 candidates, who registered to participate in the upcoming Majlis elections in late December.

Reformist Majlis member praises Guardian Council’s performance – Dariush Qanbari, spokesman for the reformist faction in the Majlis, made a positive assessment of the Guardian Council’s approach in investigating the qualifications of reformists for the upcoming Majlis elections. He said that by investigating the eligibility of parliamentary candidates, the Guardian Council has resolved many problems created for reformist candidates by the executive boards affiliated with the Interior Ministry. Contrary to the executive boards, which had dismissed the qualifications of reformists and principlist critics of the government without producing any documented evidence, the Guardian Council acted legally, and “compensated for the illegal actions of the executive boards.” He added that the move by the Guardian Council will help promote voter turnout in the upcoming elections. The executive boards had initially ruled that Qanbari, who represents the people of Ilam in the Majlis, is not qualified to run for parliament.

Majlis election candidates to be questioned if campaign expenses exceed norms Deputy Head of the Judiciary Hojatoleslam Ebrahimi Raisi said, “We shall question [candidates] if we see any high campaign expenses.” He urged candidates to respect the regulations and avoid “denouncing or leveling accusations and insults against other candidates.”

Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi make joint statement marking anniversary of Islamic Revolution – In the statement, Mousavi and Karroubi compare the current situation in Iran with the oppressions suffered by the people during the Shah’s era more than 30 years ago which resulted in the Islamic Revolution. They urge the military, police, IRGC and  Basij to side with the people:

“…Isn’t it painful that more than thirty years after the revolution, the people’s concern is dealing once again with the reemergence of the same magisterial relations, and this time in the name of religion? We are in a situation in which the people’s rights, which were described in the constitution and were the values of the revolution, are being violated. The third chapter of the constitution, in which the rights of the nation are stated has become a footnote and, what is to the benefit of the rulers has been executed in an exaggerated manner and in manifold ways. Unquestionable obedience to the ruling power has become divine and godly, and not questioning the ruling power has become valued. With ridiculous comparisons, any voices of criticism and objection have been accused of being agents and allies of foreigners and Zionism, and have been accused of infidelity. So much so that today the country’s political scene is nothing short of being in danger of recreating magisterial relations and hereditary government. It is a pity that what happened as a result of the elections and following the semi-coup by the totalitarians harmed the fundamental right of the nation to determine its own destiny. However, arresting protestors, beating them on streets, killing many of the youths, women and men on the streets and in prisons, the disasters of [Tehran] University’s dormitory and Kahrizak [Prison], attacking homes and offices of the Maraje (senior religious figures), the holding of shameful carnivals and [government organized] parades in order to create fear, the constant struggle to divert the public’s attention toward unimportant issues and diversions, the unethical treatment of the families of the martyrs and [political] prisoners, and announcing the annihilation of the Green Movement on repeated occasions have not managed to save the authoritarians from the great challenge of the lack of public’s trust, just as none of it has managed to make people forget their rightful demand to achieve the rights of citizenship asserted in the constitution.”

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