National Counterterrorism Center’s 2012 Counterterrorism Calendar

National Counterterrorism Center Counterterrorism 2012 Calendar

The National Counterterrorism Center has released the 2012 Counterterrorism Calendar. This invaluable calendar “is designed as a ready reference guide for law enforcement, intelligence, military and security personnel, contingency planners, or citizens concerned about terrorist threats.”

The calendar “marks dates according to the Gregorian and Islamic calendars, and contains significant dates in terrorism history as well as dates that terrorists may believe are important if planning attacks to commemorate particular events.” Additionally, it contains a substantial amount of valuable information related to terrorist threats; including information on common explosives (identification and characteristics), indicators of various chemical and biological agents that could be used in an attack, indicators of radiological attacks, indicators of false travel documents, suspicious financial activity indicators, and a list logos and symbols that belong to groups that the US Department of State has designated as Terrorist Organizations. Lastly, it also provides details on individual terrorist leaders that are wanted, and list of those that have been captured or killed through the years.

To review and/or download the 2012 Counterterrorism Calendar here


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