Yemen Crisis Situation Reports: Update 104

November 13, 2011

Al Qaeda-linked militants continue to control territory in Abyan governorate. The al Houthi rebels in the north may also be seeking to expand their territorial control.

Fighting between al Qaeda-linked militants and the Yemeni army is ongoing in Abyan governorate. Five al Qaeda-linked militants were killed and three others injured by Yemeni army shelling in al Kod near Zinjibar. One of the militants was Saudi Nayef al Qahtani, allegedly a senior member of Ansar al Sharia (Supporters of Islamic Law). At least three other militants, two of whom were Somali, were killed in clashes with Yemeni army troops and allied tribesmen in al Tariyya village, northeast of Zinjibar.

Clashes continue between Yemeni troops and opposition tribesmen north of Sana’a. Yemeni troops shelled positions held by opposition tribesmen in Arhab district, killing two tribesmen. Tribal sources reported that the shelling injured a number of civilians.

Al Houthi rebels and pro-government tribesmen clashed in Amran governorate. A Yemeni government official reported that fighting between al Houthi rebels and pro-government tribesmen killed 12 rebels late Saturday. According to the report, the al Houthis attempted to take over Qaflat Athar district.

U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said in a press statement that President Ali Abdullah Saleh “must immediately initiate a full transfer of power.” The United Nations envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar will file a report on Yemen on November 21.


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