Yemen Crisis Situation Reports: Update 99

November 4, 2011

Yemen’s protracted political crisis has created an opening for armed opposition groups within the country.

Suspected al Qaeda militants fired on the car of Mohammad al Haithami Ashal, a member of Yemen’s consultative council, who was headed toward Sana’a. Yemeni army Colonel Ahmed Naser Ashal was also in the car. Both were injured in the attack in Dhamar governorate. Tribesmen report that they have been targeted by al Qaeda since they took up arms against the al Qaeda militants.

The Yemeni Air Force conducted airstrikes in al Marwazah ahead of the advancement of the Republican Guards 62nd brigade. The strikes targeted alleged “jihadist” positions in Sana’a governorate. Opposition tribesmen have been fighting security forces in the area. In the capital city Sana’a, fifteen people were injured when a car drove into a protest march.

Taiz governor and head the security committee Hamoud al Soufi ordered all military forces to withdraw from Taizs streets. The order reportedly followed a local mediation effort to enact a ceasefire in the city. Sheikh Hamoud Saeed al Mikhlafi, an opposition leader in Taiz and a member of al Islah, had claimed that he could call thousands of armed tribesmen to the city in two days.


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