Member of Anonymous released by violent Mexican drug cartel after viral video threat 

Group says it has 25,000 emails that proved government collusion with the Zetas

Friday, November 4 2011, 6:51 PM

The Anonymous hacker group cancelled an attack on the Mexican drug gang the Zetas after they freed one of their members.


The Anonymous hacker group cancelled an attack on the Mexican drug gang the Zetas after they freed one of their members.

The hacktavist collective Anonymous has cancelled Operation Cartel after a member that was allegedly abducted by a Mexican drug cartel was released Thursday, the group’s longtime public face announced in an online post.

Barrett Brown claimed the organization had 25,000 emails stolen from the Mexican government that proved collusion with the Zetas cartel, blamed for dozens of deaths in the drug war gripping the Veracruz region of Mexico, Gawker reported Thursday. From those e-mails, the group says it compiled a list of 75 Zetas accomplices, which Anonymous threatened to expose.

However, after the unidentified member reportedly had been freed, Brown claimed that the e-mails would be handed over to him instead and the hackers would back down.

“Anything that proceeds from now on is my own work, and not that of Anonymous,” he wrote.

Brown later added that the names of the alleged accomplices would not be released.

“As the Zetas left a note with the person threatening to kill ten civilians for every name published, none of us will be proceeding with those particular names.”

The status of the overall operation, however, remains unclear.

A website that claims to be associated with Anonymous corraborates Brown’s claim that names will not be released but other online posts are claiming that it will go forward.

The operation began in October when an Anonymous member had allegedly been captured in Veracruz by the Zetas.

In a online video, Anonymous demanded the release of the member, threatening to release the information of the cartel’s supporters.

After reports that the group briefly called off the operation, Brown, who has spoken on behalf of Anonymous in the past, came forward and said that operation would proceed.

Now Brown said he would be going after other cartels with the help of some media outlets and anyone willing to offer assistance.


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