New: A Social Media Handbook for U.S. Marines (Full-Text) « INFOdocket

How organizations deal with social media use by employees and members is a popular topic. We thought some of  you might like to see a new social media guide that the U.S. Marines published last month and posted on AOL Government. It’s a 48 page PDF that we’ve linked to below. We’ve also linked to a few other related documents and slide presentation about Google+.

First, from AOL Government:

The U.S. Marine Corps is best known for looking for a few good men.

But they are also looking to ensure those men adhere to a few good principles when it comes to using social media.

In its just-released handbook, “The Social Corps” provides a series of principles “to empower Marines to participate with our social media community.”

“The Marine Corps must continuously innovate to communicate in media-intensive environments,” the handbook declares, reflecting a tone that not only wants to encourage social media use, but the disciplines to use social media to advantage.

Direct to Full Text: U.S. Marine Corps Social Media Handbook (48 pages; PDF)
See Also: Social Media Policy and Guidelines  (via

See Also: Whats the deal with Google+? (USMC Social Media Spotlight via Slideshare)


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