Terrorism: Breivik Trial to start in April

The trial against Anders Behring Breivik, charged with the July 22nd terrorist attacks – the largest criminal trial in Norwegian history – will most likely start just after Easter in 2012.

The Police can still not confirm an exact start date for the trial, but assume that it will most likely take place in the spring. “We are working on the assumption that the trial could start April 1st next year,” says Erlend More, Department Manager of the Court Administration.

However, because the trial would then fall during Easter, it will most likely be rescheduled for after the holiday and begin on April 10. District Judge Geir Engebretsen agrees with the current prediction: “At that time we go into the second quarter, so around Easter is a very likely time,” he says. Regardless, the goal is for the trial to be completed before summer in 2012.

A decision has yet to be made about where the trial will be held, but Oslo Courthouse is the most likely option. Telenor Arena was discussed as another option earlier in the process, but is unlikely due to the arena’s association with entertainment and concerts.

Alternative spaces will be rented for the other trials scheduled to take place in Oslo Courthouse during the same time period.


Written by Julie Ryland

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