Hackers attack Mexico’s official websites

Coat of arms of Mexico.

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(philstar.com) Updated September 16, 2011 10:15 AM

MEXICO CITY (Xinhua) — Several Mexican official websites, including that of the Defense and Public Security Ministry, were out of service Thursday after attacks by a hacker group called Anonymous.

The ministry’s websites and those of several local governments went offline Thursday afternoon and could not be accessed so far.

“The website of the Defense Ministry is temporarily out of service and will be restored during the day,” a spokesman for the ministry said, without confirming whether it had been a target of cyber attack.

Meanwhile, the congress website of the country’s western state Nayarit, also could not be accessed, with a poster saying “offline service: maintenance.”

Anonymous, which has targeted financial and government websites around the world, said in its Twitter page that it would continue their website attacks during the celebration of Mexico’s independence day from Thursday to Friday this week.

The group said they launched the attacks to highlight the Mexican public’s increasing worries about domestic violence and insecurity.

“We demonstrate to the government and drug trafficking groups that we will not allow more violence and insecurity and let them know Mexican Anonymous,” the hacker group said in a video.

The hacker group has launched cyber attacks in several countries before, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.  Enditem

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