’Telephone terrorists’ cause mlns in damage – National Counter Terror Committee-ITAR-TASS


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MOSCOW, February 4 (Itar-Tass) — Russian security services and law enforcers received 20 anonymous calls claiming bomb threats after the terror act at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport, adviser to the National Counter Terrorism Committee head Andrei Przhezdomsky told a Friday press conference at Itar-Tass.

�The terror act at the Domodedovo Airport displayed the degree of cynicism, silliness and meanness of anonymous telephone callers claiming bombing plans. People escalating tensions amid the public shock and sorrow have neither morals nor conscience,� he said.

The �telephone terrorists� claimed bombs at shopping malls, the Ostankino television center, the State Duma, the Actor Gallery and the Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports.

�Every major terror act causes an outbreak of anonymous threats,� the official said.

There were 80 false reports in January, he said, adding that damage was estimated in millions of rubles.

�An anonymous threat disturbs people or even kills them. As a rule, such threats are targeted at residential buildings [30% of all threats], educational establishments, cafes, restaurants, public places and airports,� he said.

Russia registered 2,500 anonymous threats in 2010, he said.

The third raiser of a false bomb alert at a shopping mall on the Moscow circular road last weekend has been detained, Moscow regional police spokesman Yevgeny Gildeyev told Itar-Tass earlier in the day.

Notes claiming bomb alerts at the IKEA, Mega-Belaya Dacha and Vegas shopping centers were found last weekend, and customers and personnel were evacuated. Demolition experts and police dogs searched the buildings but found no bombs inside.

�A young man, who claimed a bomb at the IKEA shopping mall at the 41st kilometer of the Moscow circular road, was taken into custody on Friday. He is a 21-year-old native of the Rostov region, who has been working for the mall�s security for the past 18 months,� Gildeyev said.

The Mega-Belaya Dacha �terrorist� was seized a day earlier. The 27-year-old native of the Krasnodar territory is a mall security man. �He told the police he decided to commit the crime on January 29 morning when he was riding to the shopping mall on a shuttle taxi. The man wrote the note while he was riding, left it at the men�s restroom and raised the alarm,� Gildeyev said.

The Vegas �terrorist� appeared by a 23-year-old Muscovite. �Judging by security camera recordings, the man, although the mall�s security, placed the note and �found� it later,� Gildeyev said.

All the three men will be prosecuted for deliberately false reports on acts of terror.


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