New anti-terrorism thinktank in Scotland

by Sunny on 20th July, 2009 at 3:31 pm

I was sent this press release. Don’t know anything about these guys… our readers may know more?


Azeem Ibrahim, the Scottish rich list entrepreneur and Harvard scholar is launching a unique new think tank through his philanthropic foundation, the Ibrahim Foundation, which will fill a hole in Scotland’s anti-radicalisation programme and contribute to Scotland’s long-term national security.

Azeem is no stranger to tackling extremist ideologies and has an extensive track record for breaking new ground in this area. In the past he has advised the UK government on counter-terrorism and radicalisation strategy after delivering a keynote speech at the Security and Cohesion Leaders’ Summit at Whitehall.

He subsequently wrote a policy memo on ‘Reducing Terrorism over the Long Term’, which was distributed to every Member of Parliament, Peer and Member of the Scottish Parliament. The memo aroused intense interest amongst senior politicians within the United Kingdom and in the United States.

In launching the SOLAS Foundation, which means ‘light’ in Galic, Azeem said: “The 2007 attack on Glasgow’s national airport shows that radicals can threaten public safety. The solution is to provide credible educators who can counter radical narratives to young people in places where they can access it, by people who they trust, before they radicalise. This is what the SOLAS Foundation has been set up to do. We therefore have two of the leading Islamic thinkers in Scotland spearheading this program.

Shaykh Amer and Shaykh Rizwan are both Scottish-born and Scottish-educated. But both are also theologically trained in the traditional Islamic sciences. Research shows that radicalisation can only be prevented if the education comes from a credible source. There is no one more credible, qualified and experienced than these young scholars to deliver this project.”


This is a press release so take it with a pinch of salt. The question is: are these guys genuine or just hankering for some PVE money?

Azeem recently wrote this article on Afghanistan ($1310381.htm). Last year the Times gave him a glowing ( )profile.

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